Nevada-Music-logoPA, Mics and Vocals available at Nevada Music – stock a large selection of musical equipment and cater for anyone. Nevada Music’s wide range of music equipment should help you find what you’re looking for

Email Signature   Situated just across the road from the studio in Fort Fareham, one of the biggest and most well stocked drum stores in the country, and reasonably priced!

Fender discussion page – exactly what it says, some interesting stuff for yall guitarists.

Drum tuition – Drum teacher for the Southampton, Portsmouth and Fareham area  

Sound Barrier Systems – Looking for PA and lighting hire, this could be your answer.

Truthout – All the world news gathered together on one site. Get the news without the political bias of radio, tv and newspapers.

A Buddhist Podcast – A site with links to podcasts on the Buddhism of Nicherin Daishonin.

Drama Groups – The central site for Amateur Dramatic Groups and Societies. Swap ideas; advertise shows and auditions; look for props and costumes; find or advertise a script. A central source of information for any aspect of the art of Amateur Dramatics.

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