Enter via main entrance:-
Room 1 : – £40 for a three hour session

Enter via tunnel entrance:-
Room 2 : – £40 for a three hour session

Room 4 : – £30 for a three hour session

Room 5 :- £30 for a three hour session

Room 6 : – £40 for a three hour session

Recording:Trident PPMs

Basic rate is £30 per hour. This includes use of all studio facilities, an engineer/Protools programmer and mastering of finished projects.

We can offer special packages for those wishing to make block bookings or begin ongoing projects.

Recording Vouchers

You can buy gift vouchers for your friends and love ones to use whenever they wish. Their value is based on the hourly rate of £30.
When they receive their voucher they just need to call the studio to arrange a time to come in. Vouchers are valid for a whole year.

Live Demo Deal:

We offer a special package where we give you three hours playing live in the studio, which is recorded to DAT tape, the best takes being put onto CD. We mike up the band as if we were doing a normal multitrack recording, and during the first hour the engineer will get a good mix that the band is happy with. Then for the next two hours you are free to play as many songs, or as many takes as you wish. Each take is indexed so that you can listen back afterwards and decide which ones you want to go onto the final master. You will receive the finished CD within a couple of days. The cost of this special offer is currently £150. This deal has been very popular over this year, so if you would like to hear a demo of what can be achieved give us a call.

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